Parish Council

Braishfield Parish Council

Holds its ordinary meetings bimonthly in Braishfield Village Hall. Occasionally the meeting date may be moved or an extra meeting may be added to deal with any matters of urgency. Any changes or additional meetings are notified. Planning Committee meetings are “extraordinary” (convened as necessary), and will be notified to the public once the agenda is available. Residents wishing to communicate with the Council should normally in the first instance write to or contact the clerk. For up to date information visit the PC website. The planning sub committee chaired by Richard Brazier deals with planning applications. Their remit is to glean the information in detail for any application within the village and present their findings to the PC, who will make any decisions necessary. This will save time at the PC meetings. Our charities, Braishfield War Memorial and Braishfield Recreation Ground hold public meetings following meetings of the full Council. The business of the War Memorial is relatively simple, so meetings are held just 4 times per year. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about Parish Council business, there is no need to wait for a meeting: please contact us.
Parish Council minutes etc can be accessed through this link

The current Councillors are as follows:- 

Councillor Tel nbr Councillor role email
Jane Bennett 368109 Chairman, Emergency Planning/Community Resilience
Ian Knights 368516 Vice Chairman
Richard Brazier 368414 Chairman Planning Committee, BVA liaison
Carole Renvoize 368766 Community liaison, Play Area
Peter White 368203 Rights of Way
Mark Swinstead 367849 Agricultural/Farming Liaison
Sally Yalden 368397 Village Hall liaison
    Clerk to the Council, Notice Board, Planning Applications